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I'm a freelance web developer working directly for designers to produce pixel perfect websites from your designs.

email me: studio@totalonion.com Call me: 0208 123 5000

about total onion.

I am an established freelance web developer with long term experience in html, css, javascript, php, and MySQL. The projects below are an example of my work from simple static html, to large multi-user dynamic applications.

Whether you are a print designer looking to take on more web work, or a digital agency looking to increase your throughput, give me a call and we can have a chat.

East London Printmakers » bookings.eastlondonprintmakers.co.uk

Custom booking, checkout, and refund system. html / css / js / php / mysql

ELP required a completely bespoke booking, checkout, payment and refund system to replace their existing one. The new system allowed visitors to easily see what time slots were available, and book with ease.

Customers can also join waiting lists to be alerted if a booking they are interested in is cancelled. Cancelled bookings that are re-booked are refunded to the original booker.

Site and admin system coded in php with a MySQL database. Integrated into PayPal Website Payments Pro.

Union Transport Group PLC » uniontransport.co.uk

Bespoke html / css / js / php site

The Union Transport website is intended to be a simple presence listing out their fleet and services. The site is effectively static, but uses some php for the fleet table so that it can be ordered by column headings.

The moving ships in the background is accomplished with a sprite for smooth animation, and is controlled with javascript. Data is saved to a cookie so that the position, direction, and ship are retained when the page is changed.

APPM Facilities Services » appmfacilitiesservices.co.uk

Bespoke html / css / js site

Designed to showcase their wide range of servies, the APPM site was constructed in html, css, and js for the header fade.

Php was used only to include elements that are shared on every page, to keep code maintenance to a minimum.

PL Furniture » pl-furniture.co.uk

Custom WordPress skin and functionality

PL Furniture wanted a CMS that would enable them to add products easily to multiple categories. This custom WordPress skin utilises the category tree for product listings, and some custom fields for things like price and specification.

APPM Facilities Services » Mobile app and reporting system

html / css / js / php

One of the services that APPM Facilities Services offers their clients, is the monitoring, and maintenance of emergency lighting. The logging of which used to be done on hand written sheets.

A mobile web app was written so that the engineers could record this information on an iPad on site. Managers and clients could then run reports and download the data from a secure website.

The mobile web app was written in html, css, javascript, and used the jQueryMobile library. The backend and reporting system was written in php, and powered by MySQL.

Arcadia Consulting » arcadiaconsulting.co.uk

Custom WordPress skin and functionality

Arcadia Consulting needed to update their online presence, and wanted to add in news, and tweets from their twitter account. This WordPress skin adds that functionality, and includes a nice team gallery plugin I wrote.

The styles for all pages respond to device size, so that the site looks great even on smartphones.

Mimi Spa » mimispa.co.uk

Bespoke html / css / js / php site

A static site for a luxury spa in Buton upon Trent, this site uses simple php includes to minimise code replication, keeping shared elements like the navigation in one place.

A simple jQuery plugin was written to fade the header images in a random sequence.

Spectris Ethics » spectrisethics.co.uk

Bespoke html / css / js / php site

The Spectris PLC group of companies needed a dedicated site for their Business Ethics resources (pdfs etc), that could be updated by uploading new files.

The site uses php checks for a specified directory structure, and file naming convention to populate the options on this drill-down site.

This is a fully responsive site, using media queries to restyle itself depending on the device used to access it.

Battle of Britain Memorial » battleofbritainmemorial.org

Custom WordPress skin and gallery functionality

The Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel le Ferne is a custom WordPress skin. A simple jQuery fader is used for the header images, and a couple of custom WordPress plugins for the scrolling news articles, and the gallery functionality.